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    NINJAS vs. PIRATES! ...Again

    Boo! (KotA AQ)
    Boo! (KotA AQ)

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    NINJAS vs. PIRATES! ...Again Empty NINJAS vs. PIRATES! ...Again

    Post  Sidd2010 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:12 pm


    The Pirates, under Captain Rhubarb's leadership, have begun offering protection to villagers along the coast near Mount Daijin. The Ninjas are angered by this blatant disregard for the monopoly they had on the area. Both sides, fearing for the loss of many millions of gold pieces, have decided to go to battle over the rights to "peasant protection" in this corner of Lore!

    Join one side or the other and battle for the Daijin Coast. The end of this war will unlock 2 things PLUS a huge bonus for the winning side: a surprise enemy, a reward shop, and the winning side (Pirates OR Ninjas) will have their class updated next week!!

    thats a huge reward for the winning class i don't know which side to go with but i was pirate last year and so i am gonna go with ninja this year because the armor abilities r better then the pirates

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