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The Staff of AoA
IMPORTANT! This is an announcement to tell you that we have recently cleared a lot of topics over the forum that were deemed un-necessary. Please be aware that this change has taken place. ~Staff~

    The Universal Rules Updated 31/01/09

    Evil Hans, the Kitty
    Evil Hans, the Kitty
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    is Graphix Madix

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    The Universal Rules Updated 31/01/09

    Post  Evil Hans, the Kitty on Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:43 pm

    1) No profanity, inappropriate material, or content.
    2) No illegal content.
    3) No harassment.
    4) No flaming.
    5) No spamming (advertising, bumping.)
    6) No double or triple posting unless it's an FAQ if not then limit yourself to one message -> someone posts a message -> your message etc.
    7) Stay on topic. But you can always go to the Non-Game Related section if you want to talk about other things., which is why we have it there.
    8) No whining.
    9) No begging:

    This includes begging for Moderatorship, Knighthood, Squireship or Administratorship, because it is just not going to happen or be tolerated, should someone PM you for an upgrade PM the Admins, Mods and we will deal with the situation. Your name will not be mentioned.

    10) No announcing/offering upgrades.
    11) Admins and Mods have a final say, if have any judgments on whether the staff abused their power see Hans.
    12) Signature Restrictions (500x100, file size 60KB or less) and Rules (in other words if it is bigger than my computer screen then it will be Removed)
    13) Account Responsibility - Protect your password; keep it updated.
    14) No topics/posts on cheating or hacking. (Includes NOT posting game .swfs and content not officially released.)
    15) No multiple accounts. Please note that we can and will check the IP address regularly in case there is a mix up.
    16) No plagiarism, if you are going to copy and paste something then acknowledge the owner-of-that-piece-of-information's work, like this:

    Title [as quoted from Website X]

    This is the X from Website Y:

    17) Read and follow staff messages.
    18) No backseat/mini-modding.
    19) Staff can delete or lock messages at any time.
    20) Foreign Languages - not allowed without translation
    21) Release of Other Userís Private or Personal Information is frowned upon and shouldn't be allowed anyhow.
    22) PLEASE limit Smile use to 3 per post to save bandwidth space.
    23) PLEASE limit yourself to repeating a question twice.
    24) 10 Page Lock, this applies to all threads except Application threads and Design Note Threads i.e. =MQ= November 9th, 3007 and then they update the MQ Homepage and create =MQ= November 12th, 3007 in which the thread is locked and moved to the History books.
    Please ask an admin to change them if it is necessary
    25) No need to quote the person above you.
    26) No more than 3 pics in your Sig
    27) No Uploading an Avatar without Permission
    28) Please note that you should NEVER EVER argue with a mod or admin. This is one of our Serious Offense's and will cost you in a 1 Day ban. Repeat and you will be so unlucky that you really won't return
    29) No Polls unless they are in the poll area
    30) No Caps Lock e.g. I TOTALLY RULE!!!!!
    This has been overused. Limit yourself to 3 Max !'s and don't put an entire section of a post in Caps.
    31) Remain Calm when talking to the DJ on our AoA FM Radio Station

    If someone breaks a rule, please don't mini mod. We can take care of it. Just PM a mod or an admin. Both have powers everywhere. Knights + Squires of the Age have powers in their forums.

    Thanks a Bunch

    The AoG Staff

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