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    -AoA- Undead Badge Rules

    AoK:TC Guru[/1337]
    AoK:TC Guru[/1337]

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    -AoA- Undead Badge Rules Empty -AoA- Undead Badge Rules

    Post  Agathor on Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:21 pm

    Well, With no further adue, here are the rules.
    1) Follow the Universal Rules
    2) No posting for anything you cannot afford.
    3) Follow all Instructions given to you after purchase, if there are any.
    4) Be Patient. We aren't robots quite yet, and most of all we aren't online. Don't spam your admins about getting it done.

    If any of these are broken in this area, we hold the right to take back ALL of your remaining Undead Badges, and in case of a transaction, stop that from happening as well, in which you will be notified.

    We hope you don't have to lose your Undead Badges, because we know how hard they are to retrive.

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