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    =NL= =MQ= Zargon Comics

    Evil Hans, the Kitty
    Evil Hans, the Kitty
    is Graphix Madix
    is Graphix Madix

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    =NL= =MQ= Zargon Comics Empty =NL= =MQ= Zargon Comics

    Post  Evil Hans, the Kitty on Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:11 pm

    Dear MechQuest Pilot,

    Mechtropolis is getting another revision this week. NPCs will start appearing in the streets of Zargon, including a comic book seller! The comic book seller is going to sell you comic books about.. YOU! That's right, all of your quests on Zargon will be turned into comics as you complete them. The first issue is free, but the rest of them will be available through a special Starship item!

    New Geekatron models:
    Level 30 Geekatron mecha models are coming. These new models will feature new Quad and Bi legs.

    House Mecha and Sepulchure upgrades!
    This Wednesday, New Level 30 upgrades are coming for Sepulchure and the GEARS House Mecha models..

    New Battle Engine:
    This Friday, we are releasing a huge update to the battle engine featuring improved enemy scaling and Initiative. The new battle scaling will now scale your opponent according to the average level of your mecha and your highest level equipped weapon. The new scaling will appear on the battle button in Soluna and Planet Zargon Quests first.

    Also, we are introducing initiative rolls to determine who goes first in each fight! Your Reflex and Luck stats will affect your initiative too!

    Wednesday: Mecha Upgrades: Level 30 House Mecha and Sepulchure models.
    Wednesday: Game engine update: initiative and improved scaling!
    Friday: Zargon comics! Special Starship Item!
    Friday: Level 30 Geekatron Models!

    Coming Soon....
    It's starting to smell like love is in the air... Oh wait a minute, that's Soluna's hottest dating game, Blind Quest! This year's Hero's Heart Special will feature a special guest contestant who may need your help....

    Lost your password? Recover it easily by going to the homepage and clicking on "Lost your password" to have your account info emailed to you.

    Star Captain Upgrade
    Upgrade your account with a one-time only payment and unlock exclusive areas, weapons, mecha models and more!

    Nova Gem Sellbacks!
    Players who are overloaded with Nova Gem items and cannot get rid of them will be able to start selling their Nova Gem items in shop. For the first 24 hours after purchasing a Nova Gem item, players may receive a 90% sellback price. Then, after that 24 hour period they may be sold back for 25% of their original price!

    Battle On! Artix, Warlic and the MQ Team
    How do I Play?
    How do I Play?

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    =NL= =MQ= Zargon Comics Empty Re: =NL= =MQ= Zargon Comics

    Post  Martin13 on Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:55 am

    Yeah, now the level cap is raised to 33. I cant wait for Advanced house mech + April fool mech + Easter mech.
    Very Happy

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