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    (GPS, Yix quest, Zeuster quest, Penpal quest

    Boo! (KotA AQ)
    Boo! (KotA AQ)

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    (GPS, Yix quest, Zeuster quest, Penpal quest Empty (GPS, Yix quest, Zeuster quest, Penpal quest

    Post  Sidd2010 on Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:39 am

    First up, the Gnomish Personal Tank is being released. After listening to your feedback, the price was lowered from 2000 DCs to 1500DCs. You can purchase your very own Steamtank by visiting Cysero's SuperStore of Savings. This is the first ever Vehicle Class in DF, so it'll definitely be something to pick up. It'll be one of the strongest offensive/defensive classes out there.

    Yix will be sending you INTO Popsprocket. You'll be journeying to the heart of the floating city and you might be surprised at what you find powering the machinery. Our servers may or may not run on something incredibly similar...

    The Zeuster quest will be sending you into the Underworld! The spirit of Zeuster's friend's wife is trapped in the Underworld and is being harassed while she's down there. Death refuses to listen to her pleas for release, so it's up to you to convince Death that she needs to be freed. And if you can't charm him into letting her go, well... there's always battle as an alternative!
    The Zeuster quest will drop 10 new weapons, 4 of which will be different versions of Death's Scythe! There is a level 50 melee version and a level 50 magic version, as well as a level 40 magic version and a level 30 melee version. They are GORGEOUS, and made by Tomix.

    The Penpal quest will have you delivering a letter from Zapp to his (hopefully) new penpal in Amityvale, Thursday. It is so nice of you to volunteer to do that. Nothing could go wrong, right?

    Also new this week is a merge shop which you can access through Valencia. The Zeuster quest will drop things you can take to her for merging in addition to the weapons mentioned above.

    thats a lot of stuff..i gota get started..

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