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    =AoA= Quote of the Day

    Evil Hans, the Kitty
    Evil Hans, the Kitty
    is Graphix Madix
    is Graphix Madix

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    =AoA= Quote of the Day

    Post  Evil Hans, the Kitty on Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:14 am

    This is for all Quote of the Day submissions
    Once checked, it will be deleted.

    To be Accepted:
    Highly Advised to have it with another person, to share the glory.
    Must be appropriate (We obviously won't take one with curses in it)
    Must be better then the current one, unless it's been up there for a month
    Cannot have more then 1, unless approval asked to an administrator

    Will be Declined on Site:
    Anything that brakes the Universal Rules
    More then one submission (High Action Taken)

    So, just post them. Remember, make it an excellent one, because you can't post another until we check it, and even can be questioned by a Moderator.

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