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    Shield - Box of Peanuts

    AoK:TC Guru[/1337]
    AoK:TC Guru[/1337]

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    Shield - Box of Peanuts Empty Shield - Box of Peanuts

    Post  Agathor on Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:58 am

    Box of Peanuts

    Level: 75
    Price: 30,000
    Sellback: 15,000
    Location: Cysero ... Returns?
    Element: None

    Melee: +10
    Ranged: +10
    Magic: +10

    Fire: -18%
    Water: -0%
    Wind: -4%
    Ice: -0%
    Earth: -4%
    Energy: -14%
    Light: -4%
    Darkness: -4%

    Bears enjoy roasted peanuts. These are so big that you can use them as a shield! And if you get hungry, you won't starve!
    Shield - Box of Peanuts Shield

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