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    Shield - Bauble Shield

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    AoK:TC Guru[/1337]

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    Shield - Bauble Shield Empty Shield - Bauble Shield

    Post  Agathor on Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:49 am

    Shield - Bauble Shield Cooltext74338995Guardian
    Bauble Shield

    Also see other Ornament Shields ( Shiny Bauble, Ornament, Shiny Ornament, Sparkling Ornament).

    Level: 5
    Price: N/A
    Sellback: 200
    Location: Gift Box '08 (Level 5)
    Element: Ice

    Melee: +2
    Ranged: +2
    Magic: +2

    Fire: +20%
    Water: -5%
    Wind: -0%
    Ice: -9%
    Earth: -0%
    Energy: -0%
    Light: -0%
    Darkness: -0%

    Once per turn when you block a hit, the monster takes 8-23 Earth damage*. This is modified by the monster's Earth Modifier and is unblockable. It does not receive Stat Bonuses and is unaffected by Triggers/bonuses from your other equipment.

    *One of the glass snowflakes has shredded your opponent for «» damage!

    When you block an attack with this shield, the glass snowflakes spring to life to slash your opponent, dealing Earth damage! This ability activates only once per turn.
    Shield - Bauble Shield Untitled1-7

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