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    Chassis - Fresh Frankenmecha

    Ordainary Gamer
    Ordainary Gamer

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    Chassis - Fresh Frankenmecha Empty Chassis - Fresh Frankenmecha

    Post  Wartooth118 on Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:49 pm

    Fresh Frankenmecha

    Chassis - Fresh Frankenmecha Cooltext74338995

    Price: 280,000
    Sellback: 28,000
    Level: 28
    HP: 465
    EP: 378
    EP Regen: 14
    FA: Fresh Frankenmissile
    BA: Fresh Frankenmissile
    FS: Shiny Capacitor
    BS: Shiny Capacitor
    Head: Genius Monster Head
    Body: MonsterSmash
    Other Stat Bonuses: Immobility: 60
    Location: Planet Mortis --> Horror Mecha --> Frankenmecha
    Equip Spots: <Front Arm / Back Arm / Front Shoulder / Back Shoulder / Head / Body>

    Image: Chassis - Fresh Frankenmecha Frankencp2

    Description: Dr. Springenstein collaborated with the infamous Dr. Sherbet Fest to create this monstrous mecha model! Includes a Monster Mash Star Captain combo against electrocuted opponents.

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