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    Chassis - Sepulchure 28k

    Ordainary Gamer
    Ordainary Gamer

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    Chassis - Sepulchure 28k Empty Chassis - Sepulchure 28k

    Post  Wartooth118 on Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:43 pm

    Sepulchure 28k

    Price: Comes with SS T-shirt ($21.95 USD) + 40,000 credits (5 doom cells)You can buy the t-shirt at Jinx.
    Sellback: 0
    Level: 28
    HP: 410
    EP: 355
    Energy Regen: 14
    Equip Spots: FA, BA, FS, BS, and Head
    Description: A mech model powered by dark forces! You can feed this mech Doom cells to increase it's power! Doooooooom!
    Other: 80% immobility resistance

    FA: Doomblade 56-68 Laser EP- 42 CD- 1 Hits- 1 (There are four different forms that each have their own effects) "Vampiric Strike - Drains enemy HP!" (Drains HP equal to the 50% of the damage dealt) "Bonus Damage!" (Does 150% damage) "Fuel Leakage DoT for 3 turns" "Higher Critical Chance"

    BA: Bone Fist 56-68 None EP- 42 CD- 3 Hits- 1 "Overcome by feelings of Doooooooom! Demoralized!" Decreases boost and bonus by 30 for 2 turns

    FS: Doom Portal 62-72 Fire EP- 42 CD- 3 Hits- 4 Does Fire DoT for 3 turns (100% chance of DoT if the second hit connects) (DoT is scaled by level)

    BS: Fluffy 62-72 Laser EP- 42 CD- 3 Hits- 1 "Bonus Damage" Does 200% damage

    Head: Doom Boost 0-0 None EP- 42 CD- 5 Hits- 0 "Increase Damage!" Increases boost by 50% for 5 turns

    Body: Doomknight Armor 0-0 None EP- 42 CD- 8 Hits- 0 "Increased Defense and Attack Bonus" Increases bonus by 25% for 6 turns and defense by 75% for 5 turns

    Picture: Chassis - Sepulchure 28k Mechadn2

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