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    MTA Meet Agathor!

    AoK:TC Guru[/1337]
    AoK:TC Guru[/1337]

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    Location : Québec, Canada. Eh?
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    Registration date : 2008-09-15

    MTA Meet Agathor! Empty MTA Meet Agathor!

    Post  Agathor on Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:28 pm

    Hey All. Welcome to my Meet The Admin thread.
    I will be editing in Crimson.
    People like me cause I`m a good listener, and I`m rarely late. (haha, Anchorman quote XD)
    Anyways ask me anything you'd like.

    MTA Meet Agathor! Microsoftwindowsvistausaq6
    MTA Meet Agathor! AoGHockministrator
    Evil Hans, the Kitty
    Evil Hans, the Kitty
    is Graphix Madix
    is Graphix Madix

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    Registration date : 2008-09-14

    MTA Meet Agathor! Empty Re: MTA Meet Agathor!

    Post  Evil Hans, the Kitty on Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:04 am

    Welcome to the torture chamber.
    We ask the questions here magician!

    Who are You?

    What have you done with my Aunty

    Stubbon One eh? You took my aunty away 3 days ago on that magical chair. WE want to know where.
    Let me educate you in the ways of truth!
    *stabs a blunt stick into Demeters Ag's back.

    Please, Humor me.

    Now, here is your cell number
    JKRowling JKR59786

    Dinners at 7. Savour it.

    DO NOT SPAM. And I am waiting for an answer.
    We may get to release you sooner.

    I have no idea about what to reply here, so I don`t know what will get me fired. So I`m just gonna leave it alone.
    UNIDENTIFIED CARTER (2nd in Command)
    UNIDENTIFIED CARTER (2nd in Command)

    Number of posts : 50
    Age : 26
    Location : Quebec,Canada
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    Registration date : 2008-09-16

    MTA Meet Agathor! Empty Re: MTA Meet Agathor!

    Post  KilBurn on Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:34 am

    What do you prefer? cheese or milk?

    Who is tanker? Rambo or Kevin James?
    Kevin James FTW

    who would win in a fight? Muhammid Ali or Rocky Balboa
    Rocky any day

    What do you think the legal drinking age should be in Quebec Canada?

    Do you think medicine is the best medicine or laughter is?
    Laughter owns medicines

    Whats your favorite band? (its Goldfinger isn't it?)haha
    Don't have one

    Do you plan on having a career in computers? if so doing what?
    Yeah, I have no idea though

    Whats your favorite Movie?
    Eumm, I don't know, Toy Story or Journey to the Center of the Earth


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    MTA Meet Agathor! Empty Re: MTA Meet Agathor!

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